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Private Lesson Policy #1:  Your child must be enrolled in a class in order to receive private lessons at Bootheel Gymnastics.  If you want private lessons only, you pay a higher rate for the private and must pay by the month and commit for a whole season September through May.  If you miss a lesson it cannot be made up.

Private Lesson Policy #2 - You cannot only take privates in the summer without paying for the Six Week Summer Session.  Even if you cannot attend the summer session, you are still required to pay for it.

Private Lesson Policy #3 - We do not do privates with children that are on another Local All Star Cheerleading Squad if our gym has an All Star Cheer Squad. even if they are enrolled in classes.

These Policies were formed due to several only wanting privates and after realizing how hard we work for these customers, most of them leave and go to another gym after we have mastered their tumbling for them or we have progressed them to a stage that makes it easier for another coach to jump right in.  Loyalty is very important to our coaches and gym that's why we work so hard to make sure your child progresses.

Assistant Coaches Rate  Xcel coaches only

30 Minute Private Lesson - $20  Semi private $15 each

45 Minute Private Lesson - $30   Semi private $25 each

1 Hour Private Lesson - $40   Semi private  $30 each

Coach Shannon's Rate and Non Members

30 Minute Private Lesson - $25

45 Minute Private Lesson - $40

1 Hour Private Lesson - $50

Some Private Rates Have Changed, call for prices

30 Minute Semi Private Lessons - $20/each

45 Minute Semi Private Lessons - $35/each

1 Hour Semi Private Lessons -  $35/each

All private and semi privates are paid in advance and no refunds for missed lessons.  Private lessons are only scheduled at the coaches convenience.  Shannon has over 25 years of experience with this sport and the price on her private lessons is based on her qualifications and knowledge.

Warming up with just the right stretches is the safest way to start off any lesson.  Gymnastics is a very hard sport and there is alot of impact on the wrists and ankles.  Here at Bootheel Gymnastics, stretching is the most important part of starting off every class.  We want to make sure every child knows the importance of stretching before any sport.