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                  Birthday Parties!!! 

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What a Doll!!

The Slide Is The Most Fun!!!!

We sure do know how to have fun!! 

We are glad that you are considering having your child's Birthday Party at Bootheel Gymnastics Center.  We make your parties easy, one price and no extras.  Have as many party guests!!!!!!

Enjoy the pictures of our facility and we hope it will help you make up your mind!!

We offer over 7,000 square feet of fun which gives your party guests plenty of room to run and play.  We also have an 8 ' indoor rock climbing wall, huge inground foam filled pit, a 30' inground tumble tramp and an inground trampoline.  Another huge hit at Bootheel Gymnastics is basketball.  There is also a game room available for more entertainment and Interactive Inflatables for the kids to play on.

Gymnastics Birthday Parties are a fun and exciting way to celebrate your child's birthday.  We have a nice balcony area that overlooks the entire gym and this is where the opening of the presents take place along with the refreshments.

Here's How Our Parties Work!!

Birthday Party Rental Fees  -                         

1 Hour and 30 Minute Party....................$125  (extra $20 if sharing with another party)

2 Hour Party...........................................$150  (extra $20 if sharing with another party) 

3 Hour Party..........................................$195 (extra $20 if sharing with another party) 

ALL NIGHT SLEEPOVERS.....................$330 up to 24 kids, $360 up to 25 to 34 kids, $390 up to 35 to 45.  No more than 45 kids can attend a sleepover.  All kids attending a sleepover must sign in before entering the gym..  We charge by the number of children now due to things are getting tore up and the adults that are responsible for the kids have been allowing food and drinks into the gym area.  Adults are responsible for watching the children.  Charged for toddler walking to age 21.  Everyone attending the sleepover has to sign in.

If you have not been given the price for a double party when scheduling, you still have to pay the extra charge when you arrive.  We ask all parties when they arrive if it is a double party.  You need to be prepared for this charge.

Extra Charge If Sharing Means:  ( 2 parties together, includes siblings )


Call the gym on pricing for youth groups or special organizations.

$50 deposit required within 3 days of scheduling.  Sleepover deposits are $85.  Deposits are non refundable!!  If you have not paid your deposit and we still have your party on the calendar, you must pay an extra $10 on your party when you arrive that day.

Easy Clean Up:  Wipe down tables and chairs, take your trash out and sweep the floor.  Must mop up any spills in the floor.  All this is done half way through your party so the next party has a clean party area.  If your party is not clean and straightened up for you please call 380-2453. 


All parties are required to fill out rental form when they arrive and Sleepover have rental form and sign in sheet.  All adults must sign in also on another sheet.

Once your party is scheduled, a rental form must be filled out and signed.  All party guest must follow all the safety rules.  No mats are to be moved that are under equipment and absolutely no gum, food, drinks or candy allowed out in the gym.  Please keep all refreshments in the party room. Party guests are not allowed to climb on mats in the corner or play with anything on our shelves.

Entrance Area

Birthday Parties
are scheduled on the weekends when any time is available.  All parties are booked back to back.  You may arrive at least 10/15 minutes before your scheduled party time to decorate if needed.  Your party guests cannot go out in the gym area until the other party is over.  All parties are booked back to back because we host so many parties!!!!  If you should arrive before that time we will ask you to remain outside until your party area is ready for you.  Following set up rules and clean up rules will make every party a very special day!!

Adults are not allowed on any of the equipment due to the high risk of injury.  We are not responsible for your negligence.


This is a view of the cubby holes for the party guests to put their belongings in and there is also seating downstairs.

Party Area Upstairs!This is the upstairs balcony area where the party guests have their refreshments and open the gifts..

Balcony!As you can see we have a very spacious balcony area.  There is plenty of room for your party guests.  We also have extra tables and chairs available upon request. 

Balcony!Here's another picture of our nice party area to help you decide on having your child's party with us.  We also have an awesome view that overlooks the entire gym area.  You can kick back and relax and watch your party guests have loads of fun!!

Please Be Aware:  The last step on our stairs is higher than the rest, we have signs posted, make sure your party guests are aware of that.  All toddlers must be supervised by parents, especially around the stairs, we are not responsible for watching toddlers.  There is absolutely no running allowed up and down the stairs and in the balcony area.

Concession Stand available at all parties!!  We serve popcorn, nacho's, hotdogs, walking taco's, mozzi sticks, corndogs, mini pizza's, soft pretzels and a whole lot more.  Our prices are very reasonable.

What Is There To Do?

You will have so much fun that you won't want to leave!!!

New is The Jousting Arena.  The older children have fun jousting while the younger ones just love to bounce and have fun in it.  Required to wear head gear if hitting in the head area.  All head gear is sprayed with disinfectant spray between parties.

Playing Hard is the Only Way To Play!

New.......Fitness Wheel!!!  Only available upon request for an additional $10.  This is so much fun!!!

These kids have so much fun rolling around on the fitness wheel.  Kids sit inside the wheel and hang onto the handles and the fun begins!!!  This has become an added inflatable due to the amount of wear and tear on it.  Add this to your Birthday Party fun for an additional $10.

Our Game Room will also keep your party guests entertained throughout your party!!!

Our Game Room features many popular games the kids will love.  We also have 2 vending machines!



Game Room!                                                            



This was a Church Lock In.  This group has a Lock In every year.  What a great Youth Group!!!            
Hey!! It's Sara and Janie

Here's a couple of gals hanging out in the game room.   
Game Room!

This is
view of the game room.
Molly Lawfield in pit!!

The Huge foam filled pit gives everyone hours of entertainment

Hi Everybody, I'm Ariel!!

Another Birthday party enjoying the huge foam filled pit!!

Dont' forget to take the time, while you're visiting our gym, to ask about our gymnastics program and the many other programs the center offers for children.  We have a class and a program for everyone and information is available for you to take home.

  More Fun Than You've Ever Had!!!!!

 Hangin Out Around The Pit at a Teen Night!!   

Climbing The Rock Wall........is always lots of fun!!!Volleyball....................Is another huge hit at Birthday Parties!!!!

Bootheel Gymnastics is always finding new ways to keep it's party guests entertained.......you'll never know what we might have the next time you come for a visit!!!!           
             BASEBALL GAMES




 ( must ask for any of these games )