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Fall Classes ( 2015-16 )

Class Ratio:

Pre K:  6 to 1 - coach ratio ( ages 3/4 ) a 30 minute class

Tiny Gym  8 to 1 or 10 to 2 - coach ratio ( ages 4 - 6 ) a 45 minute class

Hour Class - 8 to 1 or 10 to 2 - coach ratio ( ages 6 - 9 )

Hour Class - 8 to 1 or 12 to 2 - coach ratio  ( ages 10 & up )

Team Classes 8 to 1 or 12 to 2 or 14 to 3 - coach ratio ( all ages for team )

This is the ratio Bootheel Gymnastics looks at but we like to have extra coaches available to assist when we get new students or if coaches need help keeping young students attention on the activity they are suppose to be doing.  It is also important to understand that children need to learn to work on their own and not have the coach over them the entire class, that's a part of how we teach our classes.  Sometimes when classes reach a peak of 10 or 12 we may divide them into groups..

About Our Program

We have a very structured  gymnastics program here at Bootheel Gymnastics of New Madrid and all classes follow rotations so classes will not run into each other.  All classes rotate around the bars, balance beam and vault area, no matter the class, because that is the way our gym is set up.  The gymnastic equipment plays a big part in our training process for the gymnastics skills we teach. We use those events to help build strength, balance and coordination and most importantly, courage.  Our classes usually have to rotate every 15 minutes on a full night in order to keep the classes  moving in our organized way.  We have built our reputation on this structured program and how well our staff is trained from teaching preschool classes all the way to xcel classes.

So many parents say, I only want to focus on tumbling, we still use the equipment in our training.  We use the equipment also for conditioning exercises and jump stations that will build their strength so they will become a stronger tumbler or gymnast.  You cant' just whip out a whole hour and throw roundoff backhandsprings over and over again without breaking it apart to make it better and safer and that's where our rotations come into work.  One class cannot use the floor the entire time, that's why we rotate and go to another part of the gym to finish the class. If you have an issue with our gymnastics program and do not like how we incorporate the bars, balance beam and vault into our classes then our gym is not for you.  I was a former gymnast and a cheerleader and I owe all my tumbling accomplishments to how hard I trained on the bars, balance beam and vault.  If you have a roundoff backhandspring by yourself you can advance to our xcel classes where we cross tumble for the first half of class then we rotate to the equipment. 

Thank You for reading about our program, Shannon Reed

STARTS SEPTEMBER 8TH!!!!!  $40 to Register

All or most classes overlap every 15 minutes in order for our coaches to teach more classes.  You will have another instructor stretch and warm you up with a few drills, skills or progressions and then your coach will be right over.  Most Classes will have an assistant.  Here at Bootheel Gymnastics we like to make sure most classes have an extra coach!!!

Call for class times.

Cost For Classes

Yearly Registration:  $40

30 Minute Gym Class:  $40/month

45 Minute Gym Class:  $46/month

55 Minute Gym Class:  $50/month

2 Hours A Week:  $94/month

Some Family Discounts offered, just ask.  A $5 Late fee applies to all accounts that do not pay by the 10th of every month.

Other Family, Cheer and Team Discounts offered!!!