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Birthday Parties

The Balcony Area is where the opening of the presents take place and where the refreshments are served.

Another awesome view from the balcony!!

We have 4 Inflatables - The Obstacle Course, The Slide, The Birthday Party Cake Bounce House and The Air Trak!!

We have an inground trampoline!!!

    Rental Packages

An Hour and Half - $125 ( extra $20 if sharing, 2 parties together, includes siblings )
2 Hour - $150 ( extra $20 if sharing, 2 parties together, includes siblings )

3 Hour - $195 ( extra $20 if sharing, 2 parties together, includes siblings)

If you are not given the rate for a double party when you book it, you still have to pay that extra charge when you arrive.  We ask all parties when they arrive if it is a double party.  Be prepared for this charge.

If your party area is not clean and straightened up when you arrive, please call 380-2453.  All parties are required to be downstairs 15 minutes before their party is over.  This means clean up has to begin before then!  Our Staff will make sure your party area is clean for you and the downstairs as well.  If you should arrive early to your party, you will be asked to wait outside until we have your party area ready.  Following set up and clean up rules will ensure every party will have a special day!!

All Night Sleepover -$330 up to 24 kids, $360 up to 25 to 34, $390 for up to 35 to 45.  No more than 45 kids can attend a sleepover.  This is due to things getting tore up and adults are allowing children to bring food and drinks out in the gym.  Party host and adults staying are responsible for watching the kids and making sure they follow the rules.  If this doesnt help, then we will not offer the sleepover package anymore.  Charged for toddler walking to age 21.  Everyone attending the sleepovers must sign in when they arrive.

Required to pay a $50 deposit within 2 or 3 days of scheduling your party.  $85 for an all night sleepover.  Deposits are non refundable.

Call for special pricing for youth groups or special organizations.

Rental form is filled out when you arrive!

Contact Shannon - 380-2453  or 748-5939


Game Room

Lots of room to run and play!!!

The Foam filled pit is another big attraction.  The kids love running and flipping into the foam cubes.

The Tug n Run Inflatable available for an extra cost - $20

 Having fun at the gym!!Michael, Brennan and Jared hanging out. Loving the pit!!

Call Now And Book Your Next Party With Us!!

573-748-5939 or 573-380-2453